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    Topic: Benefits Healthcare

    7 Steps to Successfully Prepare for Open Enrollment 2021
    By Drew Gieseke on September 2, 2020 | 3 min read time

    With Q4 just around the corner, open enrollment is rapidly approaching for many employers. Use the seven key steps in this essential guide to prep...

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    When is Open Enrollment, and is it the Same for All Companies?
    By Drew Gieseke on July 28, 2020 | 2 min read time

    Among the top priorities for HR teams is open enrollment. While often the second or third most expensive budget item for organizations, benefits...

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    COBRA Election Period Expanded to Help Unemployed During Coronavirus
    By Drew Gieseke on July 27, 2020 | 2 min read time

    With more and more Americans facing unemployment, the federal government extended the time frame for individuals to elect COBRA coverage. Here’s...

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    Six Surprising FSA-Eligible Healthcare Products and Services
    By Drew Gieseke on July 24, 2020 | 2 min read time

    From service animal training to sleep deprivation treatment, these six medical products and services are eligible to be purchased using a wide...

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    What’s the Difference Between an HSA and a PPO?
    By Drew Gieseke on July 13, 2020 | 4 min read time

    As employers approach open enrollment, it’s vital that they brush up on their understanding of the organization’s benefits. HR administrators know...

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    Supreme Court Rules on Religious Exemptions for Contraceptive Mandate
    By Drew Gieseke on July 8, 2020 | 2 min read time

    A recent ruling on mandated contraception added another headline to an already-full session for the Supreme Court. On July 8, 2020, the court...

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    Six Popular Benefits to Consider Offering During 2021 Open Enrollment
    By Drew Gieseke on July 2, 2020 | 4 min read time

    Time and again, stellar employee benefits have proven to be a great tool for employers looking to boost recruitment and retention rates. With open...

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    Partner with a Broker to Make 2020 Your Best Open Enrollment Yet
    By Drew Gieseke on June 30, 2020 | 2 min read time

    Open enrollment is challenging. It’s complex, time-consuming, and, if you’re still enrolling on paper, there’s a huge margin for error. But if you...

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    IRS releases HSA limits for 2021
    By Courtney Cox on June 17, 2020 | 1 min read time

    The IRS has released the 2021 cost-of-living adjusted limits for health savings accounts (HSAs) and high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). 

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    Five Tips to Consider when Choosing a Benefits Broker
    By Drew Gieseke on June 10, 2020 | 2 min read time

    Choosing a health insurance broker is a tedious undertaking. You want a broker who can help keep your benefits costs down without sacrificing any...

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