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    Topic: Performance Engagement

    Employee Monitoring: Is It Worth the Trouble?
    Picture of Alexis Merrill Alexis Merrill | September 29, 2022

    Though we are a few years into a post-pandemic workforce, adapting as an organization hasn’t slowed down. Whether your organization has returned to...

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    How Performance Appraisals Can Help Retain Employees
    Picture of Alexis Merrill Alexis Merrill | September 6, 2022

    According to research by McKinsey & Company, the top reason employees quit their jobs from April 2021 to April 2022 was a lack of career development...

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    Career Pathing: Creating Roads to Advancement for Your Employees
    Picture of Sara Loomis Sara Loomis | August 19, 2022

    In today’s workplace, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to know that their employers value them, and they want to see a...

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    5 Ways Employers Can Retain Working Parents
    Picture of Rebecca Ford Rebecca Ford | July 26, 2022

    Employee retention is an ongoing struggle that poses many financial and productivity challenges for employers. As an increasing number of workers...

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    WWB Recap: Andrew Mellen–Calling BS on Busy
    Picture of Will Miranne Will Miranne | July 6, 2022

    International speaker, coach, and WSJ Best-selling author Andrew Mellen left attendees inspired and motivated at this year's Weekdays with Bernie...

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    WWB Recap: Keynote Speaker Heather Younger - Seize the Opportunity
    Picture of Rebecca Ford Rebecca Ford | June 30, 2022

    To kick off BerniePortal’s 5th annual users conference, Weekdays with Bernie, Heather Younger—bestselling author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee...

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    Challenge Your Workplace Practices for Future Success
    Picture of Will Miranne Will Miranne | June 22, 2022

    The new normal for a post-pandemic workplace has yet to be defined, and organizations seem to be split on the best path forward. One such example is...

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    The Employer’s Guide to Building Effective Mentor Programs
    Picture of Will Miranne Will Miranne | May 20, 2022

    Even though casual mentor relationships have existed for a long time, formal mentorship programs are relatively new in the workplace. They seek to...

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    How to Create a Continuous Performance Management Plan
    Picture of Bretton Chatham Bretton Chatham | May 10, 2022

    While more and more small to midsize businesses are trying to move away from the annual performance review, most are still struggling to find a...

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    Is Gamification an Effective Employee Motivator?
    Picture of Will Miranne Will Miranne | April 26, 2022

    Gamification has become one of the more popular methods of enhancing the employee experience within the modern workplace. It has been marketed as a...

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