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Maximize profitability and growth within your agency

Maximize profitability and growth within your agency

We hosted Weekdays with Bernie 2019, BerniePortal's annual users conference, in late March in the heart of Music City. This multi-day event showcased some of healthcare's most prominent leaders and change-makers discussing industry trends and insights, in addition to exploring best practices and strategies to grow our broker partners' benefits practices.


Building the Ladder

One of these valuable strategy sessions, Building the Ladder, was hosted by Brian Tolbert, who leads the employer advisory team at BerniePortal’s sister company, Bernard Health. In the breakout, Tolbert discussed ways to optimize team success and employee development.

The most important techniques, he shared: 

  • Align agency incentives with career, income and revenue growth
  • Motivate your team members to lean into growth and complexity of job responsibilities
  • Create processes to streamline and improve profitability

It is also key, Tolbert explained, to maintain a high level of transparency across the organization to build the culture you want to see in your agency.

“Having a transparent compensation and commission structure has been so powerful for us in having team members lean into the next level,” he explained. “Do the work in your agency to know which employees and job responsibilities create or destroy value” and build a comp structure that clearly outlines the path to employee growth and incentivizes success.  

The session's main takeaway? In maintaining transparency in your agency, recognizing real-time opportunities, and having the flexibility and business agility to streamline, you can maximize profitability and encourage your team members to grow within your organization.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Weekdays with Bernie 2020!

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