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7 leadership types: which type are you?

7 leadership types: which type are you?


To be an effective leader, one might use several different leadership styles at a given time. By taking the time to familiarize oneself with the different types of leadership, you might recognize areas for improvement or alternative ways to lead that serve your current goals better. 


Let’s review 7 different leadership types:


1. Autocratic Leadership:

Do you like to be the only one in control? Do you make decisions without input from others? If you aren’t able to delegate decision making, you might be considered an Autocratic Leader. 

  • Pro: You’re quick to make decisions.
  • Con: Your employees tend to feel devalued as their opinions aren’t wanted.


2. Charismatic Leadership: 

Do you have a personality that people love? Do you focus your power on inspiring, motivating, and energizing your team? If you conjure up eagerness to achieve goals in the workplace, you might be considered a Charismatic Leader.

  • Pro: You can easily increase team morale and success. 
  • Con: You have a tendency to get so caught up in motivating that you lack clarity.


3. Democratic Leadership:

Do you listen to others’ thoughts and opinions, but make the final decision based on your own knowledge?  If you encourage your team to share ideas and opinions, even though you have the final say, you might be considered a Democratic Leader. 

  • Pro: You inspire trust and respect among your employees. 
  • Con: Timely decisions are tough as you like to hear everyone’s opinion first.


4. Laissez-Faire Leadership: 

Do you allow freedom for your employees to make their own decisions, but take responsibility for their actions? If you hand your power over to your employees, you might be considered a Laissez-Faire Leader. 

  • Pro: Your employees feel appreciated and confident. 
  • Con: Your hands-off approach could cause employees to slack off on their work.


5. Servant Leadership: 

Do you consider yourself second to your employees? Do you give praise to an individual or the team as opposed to yourself? If you first focus on the needs of others, specifically your team, you might be considered a Servant Leader. 

  • Pro: You tend to make a great impact when your team suffers low morale. 
  • Con: You have the potential to be perceived as weak by employees.


6. Transactional Leadership: 

Do you believe in rewards based on performance? Or in other words, do you create expectations and associate the outcome with positive reinforcement? If you believe that rewards and punishments motivate employees, you might be considered a Transactional Leader. 

  • Pro: You’re empathetic and want your employees to succeed. 
  • Con: Since you tend to focus mainly on performance, you may be insensitive towards your employees’ emotions.


7. Transformational Leadership: 

Do you have a vision to make change happen? Do you share your vision with your team to get them excited? If you encourage motivation and positive development of your employees, you might be considered a Transformational Leader. 

  • Pro: You want your employees to succeed and accomplish the shared vision. 
  • Con: You tend to put extensive pressure on employees to succeed, which could lead to burnout.


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