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    Topic: Leave Policies

    Gimme a Break!: Employee Leave Basics
    Picture of Bretton Chatham Bretton Chatham | February 9, 2022

    In most small to midsize businesses, HR is where the employer meets the employee on many fronts, including paid and unpaid leave policy. For the...

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    How Paid Parental Leave Can Improve Retention
    Picture of Will Miranne Will Miranne | October 20, 2021

    Paid parental leave is an increasingly popular benefit that many employees depend on. As a parent, a newborn can be an overwhelming challenge from...

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    Defined: The Pros and Cons of Unlimited PTO
    Picture of Drew Gieseke Drew Gieseke | November 4, 2020

    PTO remains a top priority for both employees and job candidates. Eager to retain current teammates and to attract potential new hires, many...

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    Why your PTO approach matters when choosing time-tracking HR software
    Picture of Alex Tolbert Alex Tolbert | November 21, 2018

    PTO programs and policies and technology More and more organizations are bringing HR administration online with software tools that manage applicant...

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    BerniePortal's most popular add-on features
    Author Coby Randles | August 15, 2017

      Add-ons Here at BerniePortal, we offer various features made to ease the daily stress that employers and employees can endure. Along with the...

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