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Five end-of-year HR reminders to send employees

Five end-of-year HR reminders to send employees

Check these items off your list before 2020

As the end of the year approaches, it’s easy for many organizations to go into autopilot. But for HR departments, this is actually a key time to set your workplace up for success in 2020.

Sending these reminders to employees will reduce administrative headaches come January 1st, and will set everyone up for success in the new year.

 Here are five HR reminders to be sure you send before employees take off for the holidays.


Five HR reminders: 

1: Update personal information

Employees should make sure addresses and contact information is up to date for W-2s and ACA forms in the New Year. With BerniePortal, employees can easily check this information and make changes on their own.


2: Submit FSA information

Do employees have Flexible Savings Accounts? Be sure to remind them to submit FSA receipts before the end of the year.


3: Check PTO status

Is your organization’s PTO policy ‘use it or lose it’? Employees may want to know this before taking off for the holidays. If PTO rolls over, employees should check their balance for 2020.


4: Finalize benefits elections 

If your group plan has a 1/1/20 effective date, employees need to make sure they’ve completed all their elections and are satisfied with their choices well before the end of the year. Multiple reminders are typically necessary here. Because there are sometimes brief delays in getting new insurance information, you may want to remind employees to refill prescriptions before the new year, too.


5: Update HSA Contributions

There are new maximum contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts in 2020, so remind employees to update their contributions if they wish. Also, many employees may not know that you can contribute to HSAs for the 2020 plan year until April 15, 2019 — so if they haven't hit their contribution limit, there's still time!

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