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    Topic: Agency Growth

    Following up with inbound leads: 3 tips for brokers
    By Whitney Duprey on June 20, 2019

    You’ve received a lead...awesome! Now what? When should you reach out to them? Should your first contact be an email or a call? What are the best...

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    Getting started with email marketing: 3 free tools
    By Whitney Duprey on May 22, 2019

    On average, 50% of your leads will require 10 touches before becoming a closed-won customer. Blogging, social media and content creation are all...

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    How brokers can improve sales skills
    By Emily Kubis on May 17, 2019

     Sales tips for agency leaders How can you take your agency’s growth to the next level? Consider a back to basics approach with these sales...

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    Expand your network: how to write a killer LinkedIn connection message
    By Whitney Duprey on May 9, 2019

    As of 2019, LinkedIn has more than 500 million users, and 154 million of them are based in the United States. That’s 154 million opportunities to...

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    The beginner's guide to boosting your agency's SEO—backlinks
    By Whitney Duprey on April 26, 2019

      In 2019, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of Google, Bing or Yahoo, and just as hard pressed to find someone who has never...

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    The secret to effective sales language
    By Emily Kubis on April 24, 2019

    Weekdays with Bernie speaker shares his business growth tips At BerniePortal’s users conference Weekdays with Bernie, sales growth guru John...

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    Maximize profitability and growth within your agency
    By Leah Nobles on April 9, 2019

    We hosted Weekdays with Bernie 2019, BerniePortal's annual users conference, in late March in the heart of Music City. This multi-day...

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    How to improve sales and grow your agency
    By Emily Kubis on April 6, 2018

    Sales tips from Jack Daly Couldn’t make it to BerniePortal’s users conference, Weekdays with Bernie? We kicked off with a high energy sales...

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    How to revamp your agency’s marketing for 2018
    By Emily Kubis on November 27, 2017

      Three tips for better visibility As the year winds down and open enrollment concludes, this is a great time for agencies to take...

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