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Email Templates for Responding to Job Applicants

Email Templates for Responding to Job Applicants

When recruiting top talent for your company’s open positions, sending timely emails with the right information keeps candidates engaged and interested in the job. A key part of that communication strategy includes templates. Using email templates helps maintain a high-quality, consistent experience for candidates during the application process. Read on for email templates for five different applicant scenarios.


What are Recruitment Templates?

Recruitment email templates are uniform communication guides to send to candidates in different applicant scenarios, from acknowledging their application to offering the job. 

Templates can help save you time and ensure you send the correct information to candidates in a timely and efficient manner. Even if a candidate isn’t a good fit for your company, it’s important to thank them for their time and interest.


Template for Application Acknowledgement

During the recruiting process, every interaction matters when hiring managers communicate with job applicants. And how an organization interacts with candidates even before the interview stage can set the tone for how they perceive the company. Using email templates and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps maintain a high-quality, consistent experience for candidates during the application process.

Use these email templates to guide your communication through each step in your hiring process so that you don’t miss any important details.

  1. Application Acknowledgement Email Template
    If and when a potential job candidate applies for a position within your organization, acknowledge the application within 24 hours. Whether this is an automated reply or not, it’s important to let the candidate know that their application was received. This way, candidates don’t feel the need to reapply or follow up.
  2. Candidate Interview Schedule Template
    This templated communication can be used to schedule a job interview, plus other important details that should be included in follow-up communication with candidates.
  3. Job Offer Letter Email Template
    When bringing on a new teammate, it's common for hiring managers to extend a verbal job offer over the phone and, once accepted, send a written offer letter to confirm the details of employment and what was stated on the call. Because employers should be vigilant about compliance concerns surrounding offer letters, customizable email templates are a good way to ensure that communication is standardized and uniform.
  4. Job Rejection Letter Email Template
    While denying candidates a job opportunity is never easy, it’s important to use job denial templates so that the messaging is clear and fair across all communication. This is especially true if the candidate was a strong contender for the position, or if you need to send multiple denial notices.
  5. Referral to Apply for a Different Job Template
    Sometimes candidates aren’t a good fit for the specific position they applied for but might fit in better elsewhere on your team. Use this template if that’s the case.


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