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Email Template for a Job Rejection Letter

Email Template for a Job Rejection Letter

Denying candidates a job opportunity is never easy, especially if the candidate was a strong contender for the position, or if you need to send multiple denial notices. That’s why it’s important to use job denial templates so that the messaging is clear and fair across all communication.


What Should Hiring Managers Include in a Rejection Letter?

In order to keep communication consistent, employers should consider the following when sending a job rejection email:

  1. Subject Line: The subject line for the email can be simple, like the following example: “Your application to [company name].” 
  2. Email Etiquette: The application and interview process takes time and effort, so be sure to thank the candidate for applying to your organization. 
  3. Feedback: Whether or not you include feedback in the rejection email will most likely depend on how far the candidate reached in the interview process and how many candidates you need to communicate with. If there’s a particular candidate who was a close contender and you have actionable feedback, be sure to focus the feedback on the decision, not the candidate. For example, use wording such as, “We decided to move forward with candidates who had more experience with social media,” or “We decided to move forward with an internal candidate.” Otherwise, too much specific feedback could result in compliance issues.
  4. Automated vs. Personalized Response: There are pros and cons to both automated and personalized rejections. While automated responses might save hiring managers time, personalized responses reflect well on your organization, which is important for recruitment. Also, if the candidate ends up applying for a different role that they’re more suited for, they’ll appreciate the personalized response.


Email Template for a Job Denial

Dear [candidate]

Thank you for taking the time to consider [company name]


We wanted to let you know that we have chosen to move forward with a different candidate for the [job title] position. 


Our team was impressed by your skills and accomplishments. We think you could be a good fit for other future openings and will reach out if we find a good match. 


We wish you the best in your job search and future professional endeavors. 





Email Template for Referring Candidates to Another Job Posting

If a candidate isn’t a good fit for the position they applied for, but there’s another job opening within your organization that they’re better suited for, use the following template:


Subject Line: Your application to [company name] 

Dear [candidate]

Thank you for taking the time to consider [job title] at [company name]


We wanted to let you know that we have chosen to move forward with a different candidate but based on your skills and experiences, we would like to invite you to apply for our [job title]


Here’s the link to apply: [link] 


Best of luck! 



What if the Candidate is an Internal Employee?

If the open position attracts both external and internal candidates, there’s a chance some current employees might not get the job. While rejecting internal candidates for a position is a difficult decision, it’s important for hiring managers and HR to be as transparent as possible about the reason behind hiring decisions. 

It also illustrates the importance of bolstering employee relations and having a strong company culture that fosters a supportive environment, not a combative one, when an employee is hired internally over others. This way, employees are more likely to be happy for their colleagues, trust hiring decisions, and continue to work for the organization.

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