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BerniePortal’s Top HR Content of 2020

BerniePortal’s Top HR Content of 2020

While HR teams were planning for 2020 a year ago, no one could’ve predicted the year that we’ve had to face after COVID-19 turned workforces—and the world—upside down. Throughout the year, our team at BerniePortal worked to keep employers informed and on-track with the content and resources we produced. As the year comes to a close, we’re presenting you with our top content of 2020.



As the year comes to a close, we're presenting you with our top content of 2020, from templates to explainers and more.


1. Defined: Offer Letters vs. Employment Contracts
When bringing on a new hire, two documents that are sometimes confused: offer letters and employment agreements. What are the differences between the two?

2. Template: How to Write a COVID-19 Return to Work Letter
These tips and best practices help craft your message communicating a return-to-work plan to your employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

3. Why Employee Retention Matters—and How to Keep Turnover Low
For employers, employee turnover is costly. Increase company loyalty and reduce turnover by addressing these 5 employee retention factors.

4. 2021 Pay Period Calendar Could Include 27 Paychecks
In 2021, some employees and employers can expect 27 pay periods during the payroll calendar instead of the typical 26. Find out what you need to know.

5. Compliance Check: Families First Coronavirus Response Act
On March 18, 2020, President Trump signed the Family First Coronavirus Response Act in response to the spread of COVID-19. The Act is an economic stimulus plan that affects coverage for COVID-19 testing and provides expanded federal family and medical leave and a new federal paid sick leave law.

6. New Form I-9 for 2020, Verification Deferred for Remote Workplaces
The IRS issued a new version of Form I-9 for 2020, while in-person verification continues to be delayed due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

7. COVID-19: What if an Employee Tests Positive?
Find out what you need to do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19 using this step-by-step guide. 

8. COVID-19: Can Employers Limit Employee Travel?
As offices continue to reopen, here’s what to know about limiting or restricting employee travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

9. Are Employers Legally Required to Offer Severance Pay? 
Generally, severance pay isn't required by law when workers are laid off. There are two main exceptions: state laws and the commitment to offer severance.

10. When Do Part-Time Employees Qualify for Benefits?
Without a federal definition for part-time work, employers are left with room for confusion and mistakes. Should you be offering benefits to employees?

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