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Corporate Gifting Ideas This Hybrid Holiday Season

Corporate Gifting Ideas This Hybrid Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching and vaccinations on the rise, many organizations are attempting to return to business as usual—while COVID has caused many others to rethink their seasonal routines and traditions entirely. Hybrid and remote work models have helped companies adapt during the pandemic, but to those who remain out of the office, the holidays—which are often synonymous with sending gifts of appreciation to clients and employees—may present some logistical challenges.

Here are some creative ways for employers to spread some holiday cheer to employees and clients.


Corporate Gifting for Clients and Employees in Hybrid and Remote Work Models

It's more important than ever to stay connected with clients and to show employees your appreciation, but pandemic precautions and hybrid work models will likely complicate many office holiday celebrations, such as corporate gifting.

If your organization typically sends tokens of appreciation that employees or clients might enjoy in a common office break roomcustom cookie deliveries, floral bouquets, or fruit arrangementsyou may need to rethink your corporate gift strategy this year. It can be overwhelming to coordinate the delivery of treats to individual homes rather than a central officecollecting the correct addresses, paying for individual shipments, and so on.  

Instead, here are some alternative ways to give during this hybrid holiday season that you may not have thought of:

  1. Gifts Specific to a Department:

    Human Resource Executive suggests asking managers what their teams could use most right now. For example, if some clients or employees spend most of their workday at a desk and glued to a screen, you might consider sending gifts that encourage self-care at home, such as cozy socks that give back or houseplant deliveries that will brighten up their remote workspace. Similarly, sending a wine gift box encourages workers to relax and socialize with friends and family.
  2. Gift Cards:

    Some of the best gifts are ones that clients and employees pick out themselves. Consider sending gift cards to meaningful places in your community that they can enjoy at home, such as local shops and restaurants. For example, if you've celebrated the season with a chili cook-off in the past, consider sending a gift card to a local restaurant for takeout. If employees like to participate in book clubs or reading competitions, you could send them gift cards to a local bookstore. 
  3. Charitable Gifts:

    Charitable contributions is another way your organization can show employees and clients your appreciation. For example, if you and your clients are united by a common cause, consider making a donation to a meaningful organization that you both support. Similarly, you could organize and participate in a virtual volunteer event, like a toy drive or a clothing drive for a local shelter.
  4. Time Off:

    The "Great Resignation" has been hard on many organizations, but it helps to remember that it's due in part to how hard many workers have had it before. For retention's sake, your employee benefits package can actually be one of your best holiday gifts. Consider giving employees the gift of time to rest and recharge this holiday season. You might choose to give your team a few extra days in December or, at least, encourage employees to use their PTO before the end of the year.

After the disruptions and changes of the past couple years, a little consideration can go a long way. No matter how you choose to show your appreciation to clients and employees this hybrid holiday season, you should consistently communicate your gratitude well into the new year.


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