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Smaller Companies Need to Hire Faster to Find the Best Talent

Smaller Companies Need to Hire Faster to Find the Best Talent

Human resources personnel at small and mid-sized businesses often struggle to find and keep quality talent. Why do smaller employers fall behind, and what can they do to improve?


Inefficient Hiring Processes Hurt Small Companies

Inefficient hiring processes put small- and mid-sized organizations at a recruitment disadvantage. While these businesses can struggle to find quality talent, most are not prioritizing a swift recruitment process.

As a result, quality hires are off the market too quickly for searching employers. However, being smaller than the competition doesn't necessarily mean that these companies will never land top talent. Streamlining the hiring process presents a critical opportunity for HR leaders to improve recruitment and retention rates.


Hiring Metrics Businesses Should Consider Tracking

Teams that are focused on revamping recruitment and hiring need to know if their efforts are successful. The best way to do this is by tracking and reporting on specific hiring metrics. These include reducing time time hire and bringing the process online (or improving the digital applicant process). 

Findings from this data can and should be used to revamp your approach to recruiting.


Use an HRIS to Improve Hiring Speed and Process

However, one of the best solutions for companies to better compete for talent is to adopt HRIS tech. These tools can help optimize applicant tracking, hiring, and onboarding processes, and can improve the hiring experience for both HR and new employees.

By adopting an HRIS platform, organizations can streamline human resources tasks, which frees up valuable time for HR to operate more strategically. This includes being able to refocus on high-impact training and development activities, which in turn lead to a more productive and capable workforce.

The result? A positive impact on building your workforce with the best available candidates.

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