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Three Ways HR and Employers Can Reduce a Company's Time to Hire

Three Ways HR and Employers Can Reduce a Company's Time to Hire

Hiring managers and HR pros at smaller organizations often struggle to find and keep quality talent, but most aren’t prioritizing a swift recruitment process. What makes matters worse is that top candidates are usually off the market within 10 days—meaning slower-moving businesses are missing out. Reducing your time to hire is one of best ways employers and hiring managers can improve their hiring rates.

Consider three key tips that help you solve this problem. (More: Hiring Checklist)


1. Get More Applicants

Is your application process arduous? If you’re asking applicants to fill out a ton of information for the initial screening, they’re probably passing up your listings for other open positions.

Don’t assume that you’re screening out less-than-capable workers. While a can-do attitude is always a great asset, applicants have far more leverage during hiring than in the past. Why waste time filling out form after form when another opportunity waits at the click of far fewer buttons?

As mobile continues to drive internet use—it accounts for more than half of all web traffic worldwide—many job candidates are even applying for multiple jobs at once from their smartphones. Simply put, a simpler process will benefit your organization in the short- and long-run.


2. Bring the Recruitment Process Online

Using an online applicant tracking system (ATS) will optimize communication between decision-makers as well as providing a tracking solution for to determine where candidates are in the hiring stage.

In many organizations, there are a lot of bottlenecks that occur throughout this process. Thankfully, robust ATSs provide automation tools that streamline and simplify these processes. What's better is that when combined with an equally capable HRIS—or human resources information system—hiring becomes even more intuitive. 


3. Respond Faster

It sounds simple, but one of the best things you can do to reduce your time to hire is to just respond to candidates quicker.

It can be easy to let applications linger in your inbox for a day or two—or even a week or more! But this is exactly what you want to avoid if you’re trying to reduce your time to hire. Set a goal of responding within 24 hours, and watch the number of candidates you’re able to bring in for an interview rise. 

(More: Interview Roadmap)

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