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Offer Competitive Benefits with BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration

Offer Competitive Benefits with BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration

In a highly competitive job market, benefits packages can often be the differentiator that sets an organization apart from its competitors. But offering more robust benefits packages can also create more work for HR teams. As organizations look to ramp up their recruitment and retention efforts, streamlining benefits offerings is more crucial than ever.

As a result, employers and HR leaders are turning to Benefits Administration software as a solution to offer employees more robust benefits packages. This feature allows small to medium-sized organizations to offer competitive benefits to recruit and retain top talent with less administrative work. Read on for how BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration works seamlessly with other features during each step of the employee lifecycle to make HR’s life easier and employees happier.  


How BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration Software Boosts Employee Engagement

Benefits administration technology automates the traditional employee benefits selection and management process. Instead of filling out paperwork to select employer-sponsored benefits, employees can make selections using a digital employee self-service system that automatically enrolls them in coverage once approved.

Typically, employees select benefits during open enrollment when they join a company or experience a qualifying life event. From the minute you recruit talent using BerniePortal’s Applicant Tracking and move them into Onboarding, the employee will be able to make all their benefit elections in the same place. This seamless transition throughout each phase of the employee lifecycle eliminates headaches and confusion, creating a more positive employee experience.

Moving your organization’s benefits to a digital portal allows for easier upload and managing of each benefit, giving the flexibility to offer more robust packages. Offering more benefits can set your organization apart from competitors when it comes to recruiting new talent and retaining veteran employees.



Highlights of BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration Feature


Improved Employee Experience

Our 5-step guided enrollment process quickly and efficiently moves employees through the benefits selection process while increasing engagement and productivity. 



Informed Enrollment Decisions

BerniePortal provides employees with the tools to make decisions they feel confident about. Designed as a shopping cart functionality with transparency each step of the way, and equipped with customizable video and link uploads, your employees will be set up for success.



Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when employees complete their enrollment or make changes to their elections, allowing you to stay in the know and submit information to carriers in a timely manner. 


Employee Communication

New hires have a lot on their plates, but BerniePortal makes it easy to ensure benefits enrollment doesn’t fall by the wayside. HR admins can track each employee’s progress throughout the enrollment process, allowing for check-ins and assistance when needed. 

Simplified Analytics and Reporting

Benchmarking and customized reports are at your fingertips. Simplify the enrollment period for everyone involved with an easily accessible dashboard every time you sign into BerniePortal.



Made for Mobile 

Our smartphone app allows employees to view their benefits elections and download important plan documents from anywhere, any time. 


ACA Reporting 

When enrolling in benefits through BerniePortal, benefits data is easily transferable onto official IRS forms, saving you time while avoiding errors. 


Carrier Connectivity 

We pride ourselves in partnering with industry-leading benefits providers that integrate with BerniePortal, furthering the seamless benefits administration process. 


Benefits Administration as Part of a Robust, All-in-One HRIS

Each feature of BerniePortal works in harmony with one another, solving unique problems HR professionals face daily. BerniePortal’s Benefits Administration allows small to medium-sized organizations to offer more competitive benefits packages, with less administrative work. From the minute an employee enters the funnel with Applicant Tracking, moves to Onboarding with your organization, and begins electing benefits packages, BerniePortal works to simplify the process along the way.

BerniePortal allows HR pros to focus on more strategic roles and empowers employers to spend less time on administration—and more time building the businesses they love. Request a demo of BerniePortal today!

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