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Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Employee Satisfaction

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Employee Satisfaction



This time of year employers and employees can often feel the extra weight on their shoulders. Between closing out the end of the year, planning for the new year, and entering the holiday season, the stress builds up. Not to mention, with COVID guidelines constantly evolving, there is bound to be extra stress and confusion for employees in and out of the workplace. Here are some tips and tricks on how to use BerniePortal's Performance Management feature to engage with your employees to keep satisfaction high and turnover low.
1:1 Meetings

At BerniePortal, one of our favorite ways to establish a relationship with each employee is through weekly 1:1 meetings with their manager. We have found that setting aside time each week for every employee leads to better performance while simultaneously making them feel valued for their hard work. Within our Performance Management feature, employees and managers are able to send 1:1 meeting agendas for plenty of prep time. 


1:1 meeting between manager and employee


While the majority of these meetings are performance-related, it is also an opportunity to discuss company culture. We encourage managers to check in with employees on how they are feeling about the work they are doing, their peers, and overall company culture. Adding an agenda item as simple as “1. I wanted to check-in. How are you feeling with your workload? How are you preparing for Q4?” can lead to a beneficial conversation that leaves the employee feeling valued. 


After 1:1 meetings, we ask employees to send a summary of what was discussed. Being able to have documentation of 1:1 meetings leads to accountability on both the manager’s and employee’s ends to follow through with commitments. When personal matters can lead to extra stress on employee’s plates, we encourage you to implement 1:1 meetings within BerniePortal to boost company morale and satisfaction.


Compliance Communication:

It’s no secret that COVID guidelines are continuing to evolve, and office environments are looking different as a result. Whether your company is returning to office in full swing or entertaining a hybrid work model, it’s crucial to communicate these important changes with employees. Aside from normal compliance documents, employers are able to upload custom documents through BerniePortal’s Compliance feature. When implementing substantial changes that will have an impact on the whole company, it’s key for employers to upload documentation that requires an employee’s signature to signal their agreement. 


BerniePortal’s compliance feature not only makes it easy to gather e-signatures from every employee, but also sends reminders to those who have not viewed or signed the document. Work environments may be facing a lot of change these days, but compliance and communication with your employees doesn’t have to fall short as a result.



When companies have implemented big changes, it’s important to take the pulse of how employees are receiving these changes. BerniePortal recently rolled out a new Surveys tool within our Performance Management feature that helps employers collect company-wide feedback. There are a couple ways to utilize the survey feature: company-wide surveys or individual employee surveys. 


With the end of the year nearing, your leadership team may be asking HR to get an overall gauge of how employee’s felt COVID-19 guidelines and changes were communicated this past year or employee satisfaction as a whole. All within BerniePortal, HR leaders can send out a company-wide survey asking for employee’s feedback. These features allow you to customize questions and responses with yes/no, scale rating, or text-box responses, all depending on how your team would like to receive feedback.


Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 12.10.26 PM

BerniePortal can also be used to send individual employee surveys to increase retention rates. One way to do this is sending out quarterly surveys to individual employees, asking how they are feeling in their current role and if there is anything management could do to better support them.

We find these surveys lead to open-ended conversations about job performance, promotions and growth, and ultimately lead to higher retention rates. In an extremely competitive job market, it’s important to capitalize on internal performance growth and hiring through employee surveys.


Invest In Your Employees

It’s no secret that this last year has been impactful on employers and employees, in and out of the workplace. It’s more important than ever that companies invest time in their employees, to foster better performance and increase company satisfaction. BerniePortal is here to help document and spark important conversations, every step of the way. Sign up for a demo today.


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