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Email Template for Open Enrollment Communication

Email Template for Open Enrollment Communication

Effective communication has never been more crucial for a successful open enrollment, especially if your organization is still operating remotely. Use the following email template to help guide your employees on the benefits selection process and facilitate a smooth open enrollment process.


Communication During Open Enrollment

With more virtual communication happening for your employees than ever—emails, video calls, chat messages—it might take even more notifications than before to get employees to elect their benefits. Make sure you have a communication strategy in place so that important information doesn’t get lost in their inbox. The sooner you start communicating, the better. Use the following template to help engage your employees in open enrollment.


Email Template for Open Enrollment

Hi Team,

It is that time of year again, Benefits Open Enrollment! For 2021 we are pleased to announce we are maintaining all 2020 [plan types here]. We experienced an overall [describe plan changes]. 

For example, [3% medical increase, a decrease in dental and vision and as such your employee contribution will change slightly]. We will again use [benefits administration software] to make our open enrollment elections.

Please review the steps below to complete the Open Enrollment process by the end of business on [date].

Step 1: Log into [benefits administration software] at [website address].

  • Username: Company email address
  • Password: If you can’t remember your password, simply select “Forgot Password”

Step 2: Be sure to check your address and personal information for accuracy before clicking on the Begin Enrollment link

Step 3: Begin and follow guided enrollment instructions

Step 4: Logout following the enrollment confirmation

This year, [broker] will be available [onsite, virtually, by phone] on [date] from [time] to answer any questions you may have about the benefits available to you.

As a reminder, enrollment will close on [date] and [if applicable] please note: even if you are waiving coverage, you still need to log in and complete the enrollment process.

Please send any questions you may have to [email address].



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