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What is Self-Billing, and Why Should Employers Use It?

What is Self-Billing, and Why Should Employers Use It?

Inaccurate carrier bills make life for difficult for employers and HR. However, more and more HRIS platforms offer self-billing functions, which provide a more accurate and timely billing process, a smaller chance for errors, real-time edits, and can save hours of stress and headaches. Here's what you need to know. 


Why Should Employers Use Self-Billing?

Self-billing saves HR teams hours of administration work and allows for a more accurate bills—resulting in less confusion and discrepancies that come with carrier billing. By generating bills online, employers are more likely to notice an error—usually faster than a carrier—and there is a less of a chance of human error when using technology. 

Typically, employers have access to self-billing functions in HRIS platforms. This software uses tools that automate traditional HR processes like PTO tracking, onboarding, and compliance, meaning human resources teams can dedicate more time and energy to more strategic (and more valuable) objectives. 


Why Accurate Billing Matters

Inaccurate billing occurs when carrier databases don’t have access to up-to-date benefits enrollment and eligibility records. When carrier databases don’t have access to this information, they can't account for changes such as adds and terms when they distribute bills. As a result, employers and employees are left to handle billing mistakes that can be costly for everyone involved. 

It's often difficult for carriers to collect this real-time data because a data integration needs to take place.


Self-Billing Solutions: BernieBill

Employers can take control of their bills through BernieBill, BerniePortal’s billing feature. Generating and reviewing past bills is just the tip of the iceberg. Employers save time by no longer needing to transmit elections to the benefit provider and then waiting on providers to send the bill back.

Insurance companies find it extremely difficult to send correct bills to their employer clients. As a result, many of them have decided to begin issuing their bills through BerniePortal. Billing with the BerniePortal billing feature allows employers to generate their own bills.  Once an employer is logged into their account, they have access to make any adjustments needed.

BerniePortal’s billing feature eliminates the integrations and the middleman, allowing employers to make any adjustments that are needed. Employers no longer have to play the waiting game with their providers, meaning, once again, time is saved.


Previous Billing Process

Current Billing Process

Employer enrolls all of their employees in BerniePortal

Employer enrolls all of their employees in BerniePortal and benefit provider gives BerniePortal permission to become their system of record

Individual employee elections are then transmitted to the benefit providers through EDI, spreadsheets, or manual data entry Based on employee elections and benefit provider rules, BerniePortal will generate a bill for the employer to download each month
The benefit provider sends the employer a bill every month Employer will be able to download this bill directly from their BerniePortal admin account
Employer then mails that bill, along with payment, back to the carrier Employer will then download the bill and mail this bill, along with payment, directly to the benefit provider each month


With the Billing feature, BerniePortal strives to make the work experience as seamless as possible for both employers and employees by providing BernieBill with select carriers. If this feature is something that you would like to learn more about, please visit our features page or request a demo.

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