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New Survey Options Within BerniePortal’s Performance Feature

New Survey Options Within BerniePortal’s Performance Feature

BerniePortal recently launched a new survey tool under our Performance Management feature. This tool allows HR and leadership teams to send out surveys to their employees to gauge opinions on topics like company culture, employee performance, and overall company morale. When generating a survey, you will see four options listed, according to whom the survey should be sent: 360 degrees, Self-Evaluation, Manager Evaluation, Manager and Self-Evaluation.

BerniePortal Survey Options

360 degrees

If you work in a team environment, you know firsthand how crucial it is to provide transparency through performance feedback and ensure every team member is carrying their weight. 360-degree feedback is commonly used among leadership teams, and BerniePortal conveniently allows you to create these surveys virtually. When selecting “360 degrees” from the list of options, a survey will be sent out to each employee from the subgroup you select, their managers, and their peers to fill out. 


Selecting “self-evaluation” will generate a survey for employees to complete about themselves. This is a useful tool when you want to check in with individual employees periodically on their own performance, holding them accountable for themselves. This is a great option if you have smaller teams that don’t typically work with internal colleagues.

Manager Evaluation

Does your company ask team leads to provide performance reviews and feedback for each of their team members? BerniePortal’s “manager evaluation” option will send out a survey to managers to fill it out for each of their direct reports. At BerniePortal, we find this is an efficient way to do quarterly reviews of every team member’s performance while simultaneously holding managers accountable with email reminders. 

Manager and Self-Evaluation

It’s nearing the end of the year, and your leadership team feels it’s important to get feedback on how the year ended for every employee. How can you efficiently tackle this without taking too much time out of your busy day? Manager and self-evaluation surveys are an efficient way to get feedback from managers and their direct reports in just a few clicks. Having both parties fill out a survey will ensure there are no gaps in the feedback that is being given while providing open and honest communication between direct reports and their managers. 

Transparency Starts Today

BerniePortal’s surveys only take a few minutes to generate but can provide leadership teams with feedback that result in long-term changes for the company. Opting to provide feedback to employees—through managers or their peers—will simultaneously increase performance and accountability among teams. Sign up to see a demo of our Performance Management feature today, and take the first step in providing a forum for honest communication and feedback.


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