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ManhattanLife Now Offering BernieBill

ManhattanLife Now Offering BernieBill

BerniePortal, the all-in-one HRIS for small and mid-sized businesses, announced today that leading supplemental health insurance provider ManhattanLife  is now offering BernieBill, creating a streamlined benefits experience for users.


Refresher: What is BernieBill?

Some carriers use BerniePortal as their eligibility database, which means no integrations are necessary. Employers can generate bills in real-time using BerniePortal benefits software – providing a more accurate and timely billing process and a smaller chance for errors and real-time edits

BerniePortal’s database already holds all pertinent information including carrier billing rules, elections, effective dates, and premiums. This allows for the generation of an accurate bill for employers directly through BerniePortal, so there are never any discrepancies between who is enrolled and what is on the carrier bill.


ManhattanLife Now Offering BerniePortal

ManhattanLife is one of the oldest insurance companies in America. Since 1850, they have stood by policyholders with diligence and compassion. Year after year and decade after decade, they have demonstrated their commitment to honoring claims and processing them with professionalism and care.

ManhattanLife will offer BernieBill for their Accident Indemnity Plus and Critical Illness and Cancer plans. Both new and existing groups electing BernieBill are eligible for the benefits of the BernieBill and ManhattanLife partnership.

Ready to get started? Contact your ManhattanLife rep today to begin using BernieBill!

Did you miss the announcement Webinar hosted by ManhattanLife and BerniePortal? Watch here.


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