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BernieBill Basics

BernieBill Basics

What is BernieBill?

BernieBill is a BerniePortal HRIS feature that allows employers to generate bills using real-time benefit enrollment and eligibility data.

Often, small to mid-sized businesses are not able to offer the same variety in benefits as larger companies. Typically this constraint has little to do with a company’s ability to provide more benefits. Rather, it has to do with the administrative burden that comes with offering more benefits. Through BernieBill, these small to medium-sized employers are able to offer competitive benefits without incurring significant administrative costs.

What do we mean by administrative burden?

The challenge of a broader benefits package is caused by the high level of work required to manage additional lines of coverage. This work includes:

  • Communicating eligibility to the insurance companies
  • Dealing with wrong bills from carriers:
  • The friction imposed by carrier participation requirements

How do I benefit from BernieBill

  • Free carrier integration
  • No more wrong bills
  • Easier participation requirements

How does BernieBill work?

BernieBill already hosts your company’s benefits enrollment and eligibility information. Because all of this data exists in the same system, BernieBill can extract information as needed.

BernieBill is an industry-leading solution to the problems that have traditionally kept small to mid-sized employers from offering broader benefit packages. Employers want to give employees more choices and flexibility, and removing the administrative burdens will help them do so. Employees feel well taken care of, and carriers and brokers alike benefit from increased participation in reduced paperwork.

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