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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an HRIS for Your Organization

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an HRIS for Your Organization

The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) has become increasingly common in the modern era due to its ability to streamline many of the HR processes utilized daily. Some systems are already so ingrained into an organization that they are hardly noticed at all. But how do you know that you are choosing the right HRIS for you and your organization? 

With all of the systems available, it can be difficult to discern the best one for you. That is why we devised this list of the top 10 most important questions to consider when choosing an HRIS. Read on to see how you can find the best system for you and your organization.


Can Employees Make Benefit Elections in the System?

For maximized efficiency, look for an HRIS platform system that allows employees to review and select their benefits directly within the system. The alternative would be a system that houses information manually uploaded by an HR team.

There are two key reasons to look for a genuine enrollment system. First, an enrollment system minimizes the possibility of human error, as opposed to a manual-entry system. Second, without integrated benefits enrollment, you are essentially asking your employees to enroll with paper–which is what you are looking to move away from, in the first place.


Can the HRIS Software Support Remote Employees?

If you employ remote workers, then you may wish to consider this question more closely when choosing an HRIS, especially if you employ out-of-state employees. Whichever HRIS you choose will need to account for local and state laws pertaining to each of your employees. One major example of this would be state and local income tax laws. It should also be accessible from a remote location. 


Can the HRIS integrate with an onboarding system?

Most new hires want to make their benefits elections following their onboarding. It can be quite helpful to have these two functions connected to ensure compliance, eligibility, and ease of use for the new employee. An integration like this will go a long way in setting your system up for the future. Be sure the HRIS system you choose has the capability to integrate multiple functions such as these.


Is the HRIS Customizable and Scalable?

It is impossible for any HRIS to perfectly mold to every organization. This means that having customizable features that allow you to configure and mold the system to your liking, is a big deal. An HRIS lacking in these features can cause headaches for your HR team and your employees.

When purchasing an HRIS be sure that it can handle whatever growth your organization may undergo. If you plan to grow your business by 20% over the next several years and your HRIS cannot keep up, then you could find yourself in trouble. Be sure that whichever system you choose has the capability to help you as you grow. 


Is the HRIS User Friendly?

Consider whether the system will simplify your processes or overcomplicate them. If you find a system that accounts for some of your organizational needs but doesn't streamline the entire process, you could find yourself with a bigger headache than when you started. 

There is nothing more frustrating to your employees than having to maneuver through an archaic system, so be sure that the vendor is performing frequent updates to the platform to make it more efficient. A user-friendly system can make a world of difference for you and your employees and may even help to boost employee satisfaction.


Does the Vendor Provide Support?

Vendors should play a pivotal supporting role as you implement your new system. You are going to have questions and concerns as you work through the initial stages of setting up the software and a good vendor will have the bandwidth to work with you on those nuances.

Before purchasing the software consider these vendor-specific questions:

  1. Do they offer training sessions to support you and your team as you work to learn the ins and outs of the HRIS?

  2. Do they offer a page on their website where you can find quick answers to common questions such as an FAQ page?

  3. Are there options for contacting support over concerns regarding implementation?

  4. You may have technical questions regarding mergers or acquisitions. Does the vendor offer technical support for these concerns?

  5. Do they have 24 hour or routine support hours? 

  6. Asking these important questions can help to alleviate surprises as you work through the implementation phase.


Can the HRIS Accommodate Freelancers and Contractors?

Some organizations may outsource work to contractors or freelancers. In this case, it would be prudent to ensure the software is capable of managing these 1099 workers and employees. 

If you implement a system before looking into this, you could find yourself in a troubling situation. Whether you employ freelancers, contractors, full-time, or part-time employees, it is important to choose a platform that can accommodate everyone in your organization.  


Are There Additional Costs?

Some vendors may boast additional features that are actually only available at a premium. Be sure to ask which features are covered under the plan you purchase and determine ahead of time if the additional features are worth the added expenditures.

In addition, be aware of any recurring expenses in place. This can mean paying attention to any product update charges or technical support fees that are not included in the original cost. Knowing these numbers from the beginning will help you simplify your decision when choosing the right HRIS for your organization.


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