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10 Best HR Podcasts for Human Resources Professionals in 2023

10 Best HR Podcasts for Human Resources Professionals in 2023

HR is tasked with a variety of responsibilities each day. It can be very demanding, and most professionals will lack the answers for every single problem that may arise. One great way to stay up-to-date on the latest HR trends and strategies is to listen to podcasts specifically tailored to HR professionals. 

Read on for 10 of our favorite HR podcasts you won't want to miss in 2023!


State of HR Report 2023


1. HR Party of One

Listen or watch: HR Party of One

HR Party of One is BerniePortal’s YouTube series and podcast for HR professionals. It focuses on Human Resource issues facing small and medium-sized employers, improving retention rates and employee satisfaction, while tackling topics such as benefits, compliance, onboarding, offboarding, payroll, and more.

BerniePortal’s own Elisabeth Wallace, delivers clear answers and best practices for your most pressing HR questions. With more than 250 episodes, HR Party of One provides actionable insights on topics including hiring, culture, technology, leadership, and more. HR Party of One episodes are also available on YouTube if you prefer video format.


2. RecruitingDaily

Listen: RecruitingDaily

RecruitingDaily is a podcast that covers topics related to recruitment and talent acquisition. Hosted by William Tincup and other industry experts, the podcast features interviews with recruiters, HR professionals, and thought leaders, and provides insights and best practices for recruitment strategies, sourcing, candidate engagement, and employer branding. 

The podcast also covers the latest trends and technologies in recruitment, and provides practical tips and advice for recruiters looking to improve their skills and stay ahead of the competition. Overall, RecruitingDaily is a great resource for HR and recruitment professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the latest recruitment trends and strategies.


3. Punk Rock HR

Listen: Punk Rock HR

Formerly known as “Let’s Fix Work,” Laurie Ruettimann’s podcast Punk Rock HR focuses on stories from the workplace and how to fix work issues by interviewing human resources experts and leaders, celebrities, and politicians. 

For over 20 years, Laurie has been telling meaningful stories and creating actionable solutions focused on creating better employee experiences, increasing retention rates, and even improving overall job satisfaction. A once prominent HR leader, she now works as an esteemed author, speaker, and podcaster. If you are focused on learning more about workplace culture and how to fix it, this is an excellent resource for you.


4. Digital HR Leaders Podcast

Listen: Digital HR Leaders Podcast

The Digital HR Leaders podcast is a podcast that focuses on HR innovation and digital transformation. Hosted by David Green, the podcast features interviews with HR leaders, executives, and experts who are leading the way in digital HR. 

The podcast covers a variety of topics, including HR technology, AI, data analytics, and employee engagement. It provides insights and best practices for HR professionals who want to leverage digital technologies to improve their HR practices.


5. HR Happy Hour

Listen: The HR Happy Hour

A staple among the Human Resources community, HR Happy Hour is the longest-running HR podcast. Hosts Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR, and Steve Boese, Co-founder of H3 HR, discuss the most timely and impactful topics affecting the Human Resources world. They also feature an impressive lineup of guest speakers on the podcast. From employee mental health to payroll optimization, HR Happy Hour covers it all.


6. In The Hour

Listen: In The Hour

"In the Hour" is a podcast that focuses on leadership and creating a better future in the midst of rapid change and uncertainty. Hosted by Lolly Daskal, an executive coach and bestselling author, and Jared Nichols, a futurist and founder of The Foresight Academy, the podcast provides practical tools and insights for taking an active role in shaping the future. 

With their combined experience coaching and training thousands of leaders, Daskal and Nichols offer profound wisdom and actionable strategies for achieving success in a constantly evolving world. If you're looking to become a better leader and create a more positive future, "In the Hour" is a must-listen podcast.


7. The Anxious Achiever

Listen: The Anxious Achiever

After an extended time of unprecedented stress and uncertainty, mental health is rightfully at the forefront of many organizations. The Anxious Achiever serves as a go-to resource for mental health in the workplace, highlighting just how mental health conditions such as ADHD, clinical anxiety, and depression impact employees. 

Host Morra Aarons-Mele is an author and the founder of the award-winning social impact agency Women Online. She has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and even O Magazine. 

In this podcast, Morra interviews leaders who have struggled with mental health issues themselves and how that has impacted their work. If you are looking for real-world examples of leaders who have struggled through mental health and the journey they took to overcome it, then this podcast is a must-listen.


8. HR Leaders Podcast

Listen: HR Leaders

Hosted by CEO of HR Leaders, Chris Rainey, The HR Leaders Podcast covers a range of HR topics including talent acquisition, leadership, and employee engagement. The podcast features interviews with HR executives and practitioners, and provides insights and best practices for HR professionals.


9. The HR Uprising

Listen: The HR Uprising

In the HR Uprising Podcast, host Lucinda Carney aims to create an inclusive forum to discuss ways HR can impact their organizations with real, lasting value through learning and collaboration. Lucinda is a business psychologist and experienced HR change agent who covers every topic, from virtual people management to creating a mentorship program with featured guests.


10. The Talent Cast

Listen: The Talent Cast

The Talent Cast, hosted by employer branding specialist, James Ellis, is a podcast that covers topics related to talent acquisition and employer branding. The podcast features interviews with industry thought leaders and provides actionable tips and strategies for recruiters and HR professionals.


Additional Resources

You can also stay informed, educated, and up-to-date with all things HR by using BerniePortal’s comprehensive resources:

  • BernieU—free online HR courses, approved for SHRM and HRCI recertification credit

  • BerniePortal Blog—a one-stop-shop for HR industry news

  • HR Glossary—featuring the most common HR terms, acronyms, and compliance

  • HR Guides—essential pillars covering an extensive list of comprehensive HR topics

  • HR Party of One—our popular YouTube series and podcast, covering emerging HR trends and enduring HR topics

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