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BerniePortal's most popular add-on features

BerniePortal's most popular add-on features



Here at BerniePortal, we offer various features made to ease the daily stress that employers and employees can endure. Along with the standard BerniePortal features, we do provide features that can be purchased for an additional cost, and let me tell you, they are worth every penny! From Time & Attendance to Billing, there is something for everyone. Today, we are going to look at the most popular add-on features and see why they are so popular among our clients.


Employers may oftentimes be confused or tired of the time spent administering onboarding and offboarding. With BerniePortal COBRA, we help by keeping administrative paperwork compliant.

BerniePortal COBRA helps ensure that both employers and employees stay compliant.

Notifications will be sent to BerniePortal COBRA services. For new hires, a COBRA General Rights Notice will generate and for terminated employees, a Specific Rights Notice will be sent off. Once payment and the signed election is received, a welcome letter is sent to the member with the payment and COBRA eligibility information, and BerniePortal handles all of the billing!


PTO Tracking:

Are you currently tracking employees time off using a spreadsheet? Well, you’re not alone. Many employers struggle to track and manage employee’s time away from the office. BerniePortal recognized this struggle and with that built Paid Time Off tracking to ease the burden.

Employees can request and manage their time off while employers can approve or deny requests while keeping track of employee’s time off. An employer can manage PTO policies, which are fully customizable. Employers can choose accrual type, organized-wide holidays as well as creating subgroups. Subgroups are important if managers have a different PTO policy in regards to other employees.

When employees want to request time off, they’ll simply select the type, date and then send it off. Employees can track their approved and pending time off requests, and have the option to cancel pending requests under Future/past PTO tab. Employers can manage PTO requests under their Actions section on their dashboard where they are able to approve or deny employee’s requests.



Looking for an easier way to keep employees updated with important notices, such as company-wide announcements? Employers are now able to select their subgroup and send messages directly to employees. Let's say we have an updated employee handbook that we need to get to our employees. Instead of going through and emailing the new handbook out to each employee individually, employers can now select a specific employee subgroup and send it out to all employees within that selected subgroup. Employees are then able to view, sign or download the document for their records.

Employers want to make sure their employees receive these important documents in order to stay compliant. Employees will receive notices in his/her Actions box on their Dashboard, while employers can create new notices under the Notice dropdown.


If you would like to learn more about additional BerniePortal features, please visit our Features page or schedule a demo by clicking the link below.

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