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Why HR Software Solutions Are in High Demand Post-Pandemic

Why HR Software Solutions Are in High Demand Post-Pandemic

Following the global pandemic, many organizations are feeling the workforce repercussions. With almost no industry left unscathed, many businesses have had to re-think their operations strategies and have leveraged technology as a resource.

Here’s why Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are in high demand and how they can help organizations streamline everyday HR functions.


Why is HR Software In Demand?

The landscape of the workforce has changed dramatically throughout the last few years. With many employees returning to work and some opting to stay remote, organizations have found it more crucial than ever to manage their employees and streamline daily HR functions.

According to the NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report, industries like healthcare have seen all-time high turnover rates, reaching as high as 27.1% in 2021. With high turnover comes increased pressure on recruitment. That is why many organizations are turning to Applicant Tracking Systems as a feature of HR software to help get new hires through their door. HR can attract candidates, manage applicants, make offers, and onboard new hires all within one streamlined tool.

To further help with recruitment, many organizations have opted to increase their benefit offerings to attract and retain top talent. HRIS software allows organizations to offer more robust benefits while increasing efficiency through a user-friendly interface, all while simplifying the open enrollment process. As a result, HR can worry less about paperwork and more about optimizing their organization.


How BerniePortal Can Help

BerniePortal is a benefit and HR administration platform that streamlines transactional HR challenges, with each feature working in harmony with one another. By simplifying these challenges, BerniePortal allows HR professionals to invest in the people they manage and the businesses they love. 

In order to retain employees, it’s crucial to be proactive. With tools like Performance Management and Organizational Surveys, BerniePortal allows organizations to take the pulse of company culture and helps them gather important employee feedback to improve the workplace experience and boost retention. 

Schedule a demo today to see how BerniePortal can help your organization manage employees at every step of the employee lifecycle.


Additional Resources

You can stay informed, educated, and up-to-date with important HR topics using BerniePortal’s comprehensive resources:

  • BerniePortal Blog—a one-stop-shop for HR industry news
  • HR Glossary—featuring the most common HR terms, acronyms, and compliance
  • HR Guides—essential pillars, covering an extensive list of comprehensive HR topics
  • BernieU—free online HR courses, approved for SHRM and HRCI recertification credit
  • HR Party of One—our popular YouTube series and podcast, covering emerging HR trends and enduring HR topics
  • BerniePortal Feature Spotlight – key highlights of how each BerniePortal feature helps organizations streamline HR functions

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