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What to look for in an HR software dashboard

What to look for in an HR software dashboard

What is a HR dashboard?

As an Human Resources professional, you are more than familiar with managing numerous moving parts. Your HR software platform should provide a dashboard tool that allows you to better navigate this balancing act. This dashboard should be a key tool in managing your employees and your responsibilities.

Naturally, you have options when it comes to picking a platform. Here's what you should keep an eye our for when evaluating each platform's dashboard: 


Simple presentation

When comparing HR tech dashboards, you might initially find yourself attracted to the flashy, complex dashboards that some vendors provide—if it’s more complex, you’re getting more for your money...right? Not quite. Actually, it may be more beneficial to use a system that appears simple.

Simple presentation doesn’t necessarily mean simple bones. A well-planned dashboard may have robust capabilities and appear simple at the same time. In fact, a simple-looking dashboard in many cases may actually be the better option. This is because simple dashboards are often designed specifically to accommodate the needs of its users. HR leaders aren’t looking to make life more complex, so why should dashboard design look complex? Instead look for an intuitive dashboard that requires little interpretation.


HR reports for management

What use is data if you do nothing with it? You should look for a dashboard that not only presents company information, but also provides the opportunity to interact with that information—your system’s dashboard should be dynamic, not static.

Let’s take a look at dashboard actionability from a “to do” list perspective. Having a reminder to accomplish a task is valuable because it prevents you from forgetting a task. It is more valuable, however, to have that reminder as well as a way to accomplish that task. For instance, your to do list could remind you to approve employee PTO requests. Sure, a reminder alone is valuable, but it would be more valuable to have that reminder link to the exact platform page where PTO can be approved.


Human-centric functionality

When it comes to HR dashboards, it’s easy to get bogged down by analytic capabilities and the flashy graphics. While these can be valuable components, it’s also important to remember what HR is all about: human management. Human resources technology should not take the human out of human resources. Rather, it should facilitate better human interaction. Be sure to find a system with a dashboard that helps you understand and accommodate your people both holistically and individually.



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