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The secret to effective sales language

The secret to effective sales language

Weekdays with Bernie speaker shares his business growth tips

At BerniePortal’s users conference Weekdays with Bernie, sales growth guru John Boyens shared his sales tips in his “Growing Your Book of Business” presentation, including how to use effective sales language to ask for references, build successful elevator pitches, win back business and close the deal.

One example? “If I was fortunate enough to earn your business and it was a year from now, how would you know it was a good decision?”

Why does this work? According to John, this sentence does three things – reminds prospects that working with your agency is their decision, encourages prospects to imagine the difference that would occur within that year, and then last, and most importantly, prompts them to tell you how to sell to them.

Boyens also shared his belief that it’s better to have prospects surface their objections early. Objections can be addressed, “but it’s the maybes that kill us,” he said.

Boyens also shared buying signals and buying behaviors to help brokers best meet clients where they are and improve sales results.

Sales is a core subject for us at Weekdays with Bernie – if you missed us this year, check out the full recap here, and click here for the latest updates on Weekdays with Bernie 2020!

Did you miss Weekdays with Bernie 2019? Check out our full wrap up here, and click here for the latest updates on Weekdays with Bernie 2020!

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