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The best place to look for BerniePortal support

The best place to look for BerniePortal support

Have a BerniePortal question?

Did you know BerniePortal has an extensive library of resources and step-by-step "how to" guides for you, your employer clients, and employees? Housed on our website under the Resources tab, the BerniePortal Knowledge Base is your one-stop shop for all things BerniePortal support. You can also access this resources center from your BerniePortal account via the dropdown under your profile picture when logged in. 


How to utilize the Knowledge Base

As a broker licensing BerniePortal, you not only have to learn the system yourself, but you must also be able to teach your clients how to use it to manage their benefits and HR needs. From creating new hire documents and generating reports, to showing your clients how to organize their company's PTO policies and health insurance plans, the Knowledge Base has step-by-step guides to help you navigate the system every step of the way. Additionally, it has helpful quick links drilling down into employer and employee functionalities so you can learn every user's view of the platform to increase your value and helpfulness as a full-service strategic partner to your clients. 

Likewise, employers using BerniePortal must understand how to operate the platform from both the employer and employee perspective. In answering questions or instructing your groups how to use - and eventually teach - BerniePortal,  we recommend using the Knowledge Base in the following ways:

  1. Utilize the search bar and hyperlinked shortcut pages on the homepage to find answers to questions and dive deeper into specific functionalities for every user type.
  2. Take advantage of the FAQ sections under each navigation subhead for quick hit resources at the broker, employee, feature admin, employer, service team and agency level. 
  3. Enjoy the BernieTips throughout the Knowledge Base that illuminate platform specific hints and tricks.
The Knowledge Base is also a great resource to pass along directly to your clients so that they and their employees can self-navigate!

New to BerniePortal? 

Need more support or have questions about setting up your BerniePortal account? Once again, the Knowledge Base has got you covered! Let this resource guide you through set-up step-by-step. Utilize tools such as screenshots, tips, and FAQs to get your BerniePortal account up and running.

Check out Knowledge Base 


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