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What is the BerniePortal Employer Success Team?

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How Employer Success sets itself apart

Administrators taking advantage of BerniePortal PTO Tracking, Time & Attendance, Applicant Tracking, Performance Management and Compliance have direct access to a dedicated Employer Success team member for all implementation, support and training needs. No, this isn’t the run-of-the-mill, call-center support offered by most software providers, it’s a continual commitment to the success of our users. Here are four ways BerniePortal Employer Success separates itself from the pack.


Often, administrators go into the HR software buying process with blinders on—looking only at functionality. But what happens once the purchase has been made? Who will be responsible for the success of the software implementation? The BerniePortal Employer Success team helps users set up their accounts so that when it’s time to launch, everything is running smoothly. Guided by the expertise of the BerniePortal Employer Success team, our users save time and effort when it comes to implementation.


We firmly believe that the best software serves the user experience, which starts with the training process. BerniePortal Employer Success invests in the user experience by training administrators, so that when the time comes, your administrative team is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to bring HR online.

Direct access

All administrators using BerniePortal HR features have ongoing, direct access to the BerniePortal Employer Success team. Each of our administrators are given our Employer Success team’s direct contact information, allowing them to reach out without any added barriers. What does this mean for administrators? It means being able to find solutions faster and more efficiently.

No additional cost

Given our belief that software should first and foremost serve the user experience, BerniePortal does not charge its users for implementation, training or support. These three services come at no additional cost to employers because we believe they are fundamental to the quality of our users’ BerniePortal experiences.



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