Finding the right candidate can be one of the most challenging tasks employers are faced with. It's important to pay close attention to the characteristics exhibited during the interview and to look out for red flags. 

Red Flags


Late arrival for the interview
A good team member will arrive 10-15 minutes early out of respect of you and your time.

Unprepared and knows little about the position they applied for
Applicants often apply for many jobs at once, and it’s possible they mix one company up with another.

Expressing complaints about previous employers
Complaining about a previous employer indicates readiness to blame others, and failure to accept responsibility.

Vague answers for why they left past jobs
Refusing to provide a reason or responding with repetitive reasons should set off a red flag.

The reference list only contains personal references and no past supervisors
It should be alarming if the candidate's previous managers can’t testify to their skills and achievements.

The interviewee doesn’t share any mistakes
A candidate who can’t share mistakes and lessons learned isn’t flawless, they just aren’t attentive.

Inconsistencies and vague responses to interview questions
This could hint that the candidate may be lying about skills and accomplishments they’ve included on their resume.
Gaps in employment
Unexplained gaps may imply trouble obtaining or keeping jobs due to performance.

Lack of eye contact
Candidates who can’t maintain eye contact and consistently look down, it could indicate confidence issues.

More interested in personal benefit
Keep your eyes open for candidates who are excited about contributing to your team, not only interested in a paycheck. 

While it’s encouraged to pay close attention to answers and characteristics, remember that candidates are often nervous. Don’t let just one red flag seal their fate. Examine the whole of how they presented themselves, gain feedback from other interviewers, and finally see who checks most of the boxes you’re looking for.


10 Red Flags_ Analyzing Interviews


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