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New BerniePortal Payroll Settings Help With New Year Prep

New BerniePortal Payroll Settings Help With New Year Prep

This time of year HR teams have a lot on their plates, from putting the finishing touches on the current year to getting prepared for the start of a new year. With recent updates to our Payroll settings, BerniePortal is here to help you get ahead for 2022.

Payroll Settings

Avoiding a hiccup in payroll while entering the new year is crucial. BerniePortal allows you to set up your payroll for the new year during Q4, ensuring a seamless transition into Q1.

Within the Payroll feature, you are able to select which subgroup’s payroll you want to configure. Once you click into a subgroup, you will see an option to select payroll for the coming year. This will allow you to configure your settings based on your current payroll, avoiding a “blackout period” in your payroll reporting. 



There are 7 options to choose from, based on how often you run payroll:

  • Annual, if you pay your employees once a year.
  • Bi-Weekly, if you pay your employees every two weeks.
  • Daily, if you pay your employees every single day for the year.
  • Monthly, if you pay your employees once every month.
  • Quarterly, if you pay your employees once every 3 months.
  • Semi-Monthly, if you pay your employees twice a month on set days of the month.
  • Weekly, if you pay your employees every week of the year. 


You can also set your parameters for when your first pay period of the year will end and how many days after a pay period till a check is distributed. These settings take a few minutes to establish and save a lot of time in the long run. 


Employee View

Once you have set up payroll on your end, employees are able to view when a pay period ends and when they will receive a paycheck through their BerniePortal accounts. The transparency and accessibility to this information is something employees will appreciate.



Set up a demo of BerniePortal to see how we can help you get ahead on the new year.


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