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IRS sets HSA limits for 2019

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HSA limits slightly increased

The IRS has released the new Health Savings Accounts contribution limits and maximum out-of-pocket figures for 2019.

Next year, contribution limits for individuals rise to $3,500, from $3,450 in 2018. For families, limits rise to $7,000, from 2017’s $6,900.

Maximum out-of-pocket figures also rose—for individuals, the max out-of-pocket is $6,750, up from $6,650 in 2018, and for families, max out-of-pocket is $13,500, from $13,300 in  2018.

Brokers play a key role in supporting successful HSA-eligible plan strategies. Here are three things to know about HSAs in 2019.

Three things to know about HSAs: 

1. Health Savings Account use is on the rise, but a quarter of consumers with HSA-eligible plans have not yet opened an account. This creates an opportunity for advisors to help clients optimize their HSA-eligible plan strategy to improve adoption and employee satisfaction.

This creates an opportunity for employers to optimize their HSA-eligible plan strategy to improve adoption and employee satisfaction.

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3. Messing matters when it comes to HSA-eligible plans. Learn more about how employers can increase adoption with the right marketing strategy.

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