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How the rise of the home office affects your compliance strategy


It’s no secret that the popularity of working remotely has grown exponentially in recent years. According to Gallup, 43% of U.S. employees worked remotely in some capacity in 2016. Perhaps even more impressive, a resounding 51% of employees say they would switch jobs to find one that allows them more flextime, and 37% would change jobs if an opportunity provided them with the ability to work off-site at least part of the time.

With the increasing number of telecommute jobs and remote roles emerging in the workforce, employers face a unique challenge -- keeping all employees compliant, especially those who aren’t physically in the office.


Utilize technology to streamline communication

With BerniePortal’s Compliance feature, ensure the right documents not only reach the right offsite employees, but are properly executed, filed and stored year-round. Customize notices, keep employees updated on company-wide announcements and policy changes, and ensure compliance by requiring e-signatures on relevant documents. You can even monitor which employees have viewed and signed notices directly from your BerniePortal dashboard view.

Streamline your compliance and notification processes with one end-to-end, hassle-free system, ensuring all employees, including those miles away, are compliant and up to date. BerniePortal Compliance will not only improve the employee experience across the organization, but it will also make you more comfortable with a secure and compliant remote work environment.

You need the right tools to adapt and evolve with an ever-changing workforce. Let BerniePortal help!


BerniePortal is an all-in-one HRIS that allows small and mid-sized businesses to optimize HR, improve employee experiences and spend more time building the businesses they love. BerniePortal is supported by benefits brokers in more than 40 states and has more than 100,000 users.


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