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Four Fast-Growing Benefits HR Should Consider in 2021

Four Fast-Growing Benefits HR Should Consider in 2021

After a year full of changes for employers and their workforces, it’s more important than ever for organizations to pay attention to how they manage employee benefits packages in the new year. Thanks to COVID, employees’ lives look a lot different now than they did a year ago—and so may their priorities when it comes to benefits.

And because building benefits is a year-round process, in the latest episode of HR Party of One, I decided to cover four fast-growing benefits that HR teams and employers should consider offering in 2021.


Which Employer-Sponsored Benefits Should HR Teams Offer in 2021?

From mental health support to pet insurance and more, the benefits industry is rapidly changing. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of many of these offerings. As a result, we recommend employers consider a few new and growing benefits for their employees in the coming year. 

Watch the latest episode of HR Party of One to learn more:


Other Benefits Resources

Like I've said, building better benefits packages requires dedication throughout the year. I've put together a few extra resources that I think will help you learn more about benefits this year, but feel free to look through our BerniePortal blog for other great need-to-know info: 

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  4. Impacts of Moving During Covid-19 on Employee Benefits

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