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The Power of a Phone Call

The Power of a Phone Call
Sometimes, just pick up the phone and call.


The Power of a Phone Call

I unexpectedly caught up with a friend.


I was unloading my dishwasher with the “help” of my 2 year old and listening to a song in my kitchen, Summer Clothes by Marc Scibilia.


Marc is a friend, but I don’t know Marc as well as I’d like. We first met at a dinner in 2019. His song was playing on my Amazon Echo, so I texted him.


We hadn’t talked in months. But when I texted Marc, he immediately called me. He knew I was there. Power move.


It wasn’t a convenient time for either of us to talk. He was running and pushing his daughter in a stroller, and I was unloading dishes / chasing my naked two year old son around the kitchen.


But we talked anyway. The conversation lasted 4 minutes, maybe 5. And now we’re going fly fishing together on a Saturday in October.


Because he didn’t simply text me back or wait for a more convenient time to catch up.


He just called.


P.S. Marc recently recorded a new album. So far, he’s released four singles on Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. My favorite is Wild World.


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