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How Small Steps Can Build Lives

How Small Steps Can Build Lives

When we’re thinking about our future, we tend to focus on the big decisions. Big steps. A career. A city. A spouse.


How Small Steps Can Build Lives

But small decisions matter too. Small steps build momentum.


When we hear stories from people with interesting careers. And lives worth emulating. So often they trace their success to one or two smaller decisions. Decisions that seemed inconsequential at the time, but were turning points.


Scheduling coffee with a professor… that leads to a major.

Reading a book… that leads to a career.

Going on a blind date… that leads to a marriage.


Taking one small step can change the way we think about ourselves.


If we do one thing that makes us feel like an artist, we may start behaving like an artist in other ways. And we just may become an artist.


So if we want to be something that we aren’t. Yet. We don’t have to make some big decision accompanied by a press release.


We can start with one small step.

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