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How to Really Check In

How to Really Check In

People who are good at maintaining relationships regularly check in. An email. A text. Holiday cards. Maybe some years we get a phone call on our birthday.


What Does Really Checking In Mean?

The people who are really good though, they really check in. They usually do all that other stuff too, but when they connect with us over the phone. Or drinks or coffee. They minimize small talk.


And they touch us, move us, and inspire us.


They reference details from past conversations. They ask about things that really matter. Our families. Our professional goals. Our personal projects. Our dreams.


And they care about our answers.


They give us space to tell them how it’s really going because they listen to understand. They give us updates on their own lives too. Maybe some wins. Highlights. But they also share stories that make them a little bit vulnerable. Messy, honest, humanizing stories.


If we want to create a circle of people who will share our journeyand let us share theirsreally checking in is the only way.

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