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Our Answers Shape Our Narrative

Our Answers Shape Our Narrative

When we’re asked an honest question, we should do our best to answer it directly without waffling.


Our Answers Shape Our Narrative

But some questions have lots of possible answers, especially when they’re open ended.


How was your last job? Your trip abroad? How did you spend your last summer in college before your senior year?


Do we lead with…

I had three jobs and didn’t get to do much other than work.

Or do we say…

I learned how to sell that summer.

I sold beer at Nashville Sounds minor league baseball games. At the old stadium.

And I served tables at Joe’s Crab Shack downtown. Made friends with tourists. And sold lots of crab legs.

And with the rest of my time, I sold Vanderbilt telephone directory ads to businesses trying to reach students. Back when we still printed telephone directories. I cold-called managers and business owners, and sometimes I just showed up unannounced.

By the end of the summer, I’d saved some money. And I knew more about selling than most of my classmates.

Both answers are true. But they tell different stories. And send different signals.


How do we answer? Our answers define our narrative and our narrative can shape our future.

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