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Tips Every New HR Professional Needs to Succeed in an Organization

Tips Every New HR Professional Needs to Succeed in an Organization

Taking over for another HR party of one isn't easy. I know, because I just recently became BerniePortal's new HR professional. In the latest episode of HR Party of One, I explained the challenges that human resources leaders face when stepping into a new role—and how to improve an organization with a fresh perspective.


Meet the New Host of HR Party of One

Hi there! My name is Sarah Hecht and I’m the new host of BerniePortal’s HR Party of One series. I'll also be taking over for the HR Party of One blog, where I'll be sharing tips, trends, and other best practices for human resources leaders on a weekly basis. 

Before we dig into the new episode for this week, check out my introduction video to get to know me a bit better:


How to Take Over as the New HR Professional in an Organization

In my first official episode, we covered many of the common challenges that people in my position face when they become the new HR party of one at their company. But, we do more than just cover the causes for concern—I also laid out some great solutions and opportunities for you to bring a fresh perspective that improves your organization’s operations. 

Watch the full video here: 

If you’d like to learn more about this and other industry updates, I recommend that you check out the BerniePortal blog.


Additional HR Resources

While I'm new to this role, BerniePortal has a ton of great HR resources to help you out, no matter where you are on your journey: 

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