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Internship Programs: What HR Needs to Consider

Internship Programs: What HR Needs to Consider

Many HR pros have fond memories of their internships—learning the industry and building their network at a time in their career when those experiences are most formative. But bad experiences have also turned many aspiring HR pros away from the field. 


Internships Are Investments

After all, internships are investments, not quick fixes. For employers, an internship program can be a successful long-term hiring strategy, but it could backfire as a short-term staffing solution. To be clear, internships can be mutually beneficial for the intern and the employer, but they must be done the right way.

In the latest episode of HR Party of One—BerniePortal's popular podcast and YouTube series—Elisabeth covers how to start an internship program at your organization as well as what legal issues to consider. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of HR’s role in developing effective internship experiences.


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