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COVID-19: How to Reopen Your Office During the Pandemic

COVID-19: How to Reopen Your Office During the Pandemic

The coronavirus vaccine has arrived. As doses are distributed throughout the country, employers and HR teams need to know when they can plan to safely reopen offices and return to business as usual. Yet thinking through this is more difficult than it seems.

To help other human resources pros think through this, we dedicated two episodes of HR Party of One to covering how HR can make informed decisions about evaluating when to return to the office.


How COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Can Impact Your Return to the Office

I’ll be the first to admit that safely returning to in-person work is a really complex issue that we’ve struggled with on the BerniePortal team. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve pushed back our own return date.

But, we found a useful tool that’s helped us make important decisions like this one. It’s called the Kepner-Tregoe Method. In this two-part series, I demonstrated how Kepner-Tregoe Decision Analyses and Potential Problem/Opportunity Analyses can direct your thinking to be more critical. More strategic. 

In Part 1, I walk through the Decision Analysis, and in Part 2—which debuts Feb. 11—we cover how the Potential Problem/Opportunity Analysis works. Together, you should be able to more confidently develop a reopening plan of your own. Likewise, it never hurts to review the BerniePortal blog to learn about all the latest news and safety best practices.


How to Safely Reopen Your Office During Covid

Watch part I of our tutorial here:


And catch the finale of our safe reopening how-to series here:


Other Coronavirus Reopening Resources

In addition to these videos, I think you might find some other BerniePortal resources particularly helpful in your reopening prep. I’ve compiled a few below, but feel free to look through our BerniePortal blog for other great need-to-know info: 

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