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How to Create a Culture Guide, Part 1

How to Create a Culture Guide, Part 1

Your employee handbook probably isn’t working for you. While the idea behind employee handbooks is good, in practice, most of them are bad. Why? Too often, employee handbooks focus only on keeping the organization compliant in the year the handbook was written.


Why Your Organization Needs a Culture Guide

In the modern workplace, employees are not motivated by what their employer needs to do to merely remain compliant, but rather, why their work matters and how it’s making an impact on the world. This is beyond the scope of even the best employee handbooks…which is why your organization needs something better: a Culture Guide.

The latest episode of HR Party of One is the first of a two-part series covering Culture Guides. I'll discuss what Culture Guides are, what’s included in them, and how you can get started creating one for your organization. By the end, you’ll be better equipped to write your own Culture Guide, the next step to improving the culture at your organization.

Check out How to Create a Culture Guide, Part 2.


Additional Resources

You can stay informed, educated, and up-to-date on important HR topics with BerniePortal’s comprehensive resources:

  • BerniePortal Blog—a one-stop-shop for HR industry news
  • HR Glossary—featuring the most common HR terms, acronyms, and compliance
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