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Health, Wealth, and Time

Health, Wealth, and Time

Here are three measures of wealth: health, money, and time.


On Never Feeling Rushed

Health is foundational. Without it, other measures of wealth fade.


Money is helpful. Having money solves money problems. And there’s no shortage of money problems.


But too many of us who are lucky enough to have decent health and a little bit of money feel rushed. There’s never enough time. It’s a common trap to fill our calendars with meetings and projects. Some of which are important. Many that, if we thought about it… aren’t.


Having bandwidth to be present, reflect, prioritize, and choose - truly choose - how to spend our time. So we can focus on projects and people that align with our values and goals. And on tasks that are important, but not urgent.


That’s rare.


Those of us who can do that consistently are in an exclusive club.


Our calendars can be as much a measure of wealth as our bank accounts.


What a luxury it is to consistently choose how to spend our days. And to never feel rushed.


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