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Guide to Open Enrollment 2022

Guide to Open Enrollment 2022

Many HR pros know how overwhelming Q4 can be, especially if you’re rolling out open enrollment while wrapping up a fiscal year. In addition to the planning, coordination, communication, and rollout of benefits administration, you may find yourself overwhelmed with questions about everything from HSAs to PPOs. But open enrollment doesn’t have to be another hassle before the holidays. In this episode, I cover common questions HR may get—and how to answer them effectively and confidently. I also share a few strategies I’ve found very helpful to help you better prepare.

5 Common Questions About Open Enrollment and How to Answer Them

HR pros handle countless questions and policy changes all at once during open enrollment. It can get a little overwhelming—which is why HR should do everything it can to prepare in advance.

Watch the full episode to find out the most common open enrollment questions and how to answer them:

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