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Enthusiastic Skepticism

Enthusiastic Skepticism

We can be better at our jobs. There are a 100 things we could improve. Processes and habits. Dramatically or incrementally. And we can find those opportunities to improve by being enthusiastically skeptical.


What is Enthusiastic Skepticism?

Astro Teller is the Captain of Moonshots at X, Google’s innovation lab.

Side note: You’ll never convince me his name didn’t help him get that job.


In a popular TED Talk, Teller explained, “Enthusiastic skepticism is not the enemy of boundless optimism.” In fact, the two are perfect complements. Being enthusiastically skeptical means we lean into problems. We get excited when we find one, and then we find a way to fix it.


In everything we do, we can assume there’s room for improvement. We can do better.



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