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Best 2021 Employee Retention Strategies HR Teams Should Use

Best 2021 Employee Retention Strategies HR Teams Should Use

A new report from culture-building engagement organization Achievers found that half of all employees plan to leave their jobs this year. It’s a scary statistic that keeps me up late at night, too. The fact of the matter is that right now, a lot of employers are focused on hiring, but how often are these same employers focusing on retention once someone starts? Here’s the thing: You can be proactive about employee retention.

In the latest episode of HR Party of One, I covered what human resources teams can do to improve retention in their organizations.

7 Great Retention Strategies for HR Teams to Use This Year

I’ve put together seven great ways for you to rethink and reshape your team’s approach to retaining employees. You can watch the full video here to learn how to make that happen: 

If you’d like to learn more about this and other industry updates, I recommend that you check out the BerniePortal blog.

Additional HR Resources

BerniePortal has a ton of great HR resources to help you out during this process and beyond: 

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