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When Being an Amateur is a Good Thing

When Being an Amateur is a Good Thing

When we call someone amateur, we’re usually calling them incompetent. Inept.


A Bunch of Amateurs

This definition of amateur is too narrow. The way Americans use the word amateur has unfair connotations considering its etymology. In Latin, an amator is a devotee - someone who pursues something because they love it. French speakers use the word to describe someone who has taste.


All these words share the same root as amare… “to love” in Italian.


We should feel better about being an amateur.


If we’re pursuing something because we love it, the pursuit can be the reward.


And if we’re pursuing something because we want to be really good someday, being an amateur is the necessary first step.


Being incompetent and inept at something is always the first step toward being sort of good at something. Then really good. And eventually expert.


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