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A Season of Hope

A Season of Hope

In 1953, Fred Rogers moved back home to Pennsylvania after working for NBC in New York City. He got a job on The Children’s Corner, on Pittsburgh public television.


A Season of Hope

Eventually, he got his own show. Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted in 1966 and ran for ten seasons, with critical acclaim.


In 1976, Fred decided to take a three-year hiatus.


But he produced one show during the break. Christmastime with Mr. Rogers. It was the only Christmas special of his 50 year career.


This was Mr. Rogers’ message in his 1977 special:

"I've been thinking about what I'd like to give you for Christmas. I'd really like to give you something that just fits your own wishes and needs the way these shoes just fit me.

I suppose the thing I'd like most to be able to give you is hope.

Hope that through your own doing and your own living with others, you'll be able to find what best fits for you in this life.”

Hope rises with the Christmas season. The anticipation of gifts. And long overdue reunions. But for most of us, this Christmas is different than others. Many of our traditions are on hiatus.


But despite the challenges of the past year, so many of us are feeling hopeful. And after the challenges of 2020, we’re looking forward to the promise of a new year.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood returned in 1979, continuing to air for another 32 years.

Merry Christmas.

Bring on ‘21.

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