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BerniePortal Updates: Employee Search and ACH Payment Details

BerniePortal Updates: Employee Search and ACH Payment Details

Here at BerniePortal, our team is dedicated to including you in our newest developments. A human resources information system (HRIS) can help any HR pro navigate the complexities of payroll, applicant tracking, PTO, performance management, onboarding, and more.  

Read on to check out our newest features designed to make HR easier.  


Search Function Improvements 

Easier search functions can help employers find needed information about their employees.  Now, an employer can search BerniePortal for an employee by preferred name, removing the hassle of keeping track of names an employee may not go by.  

Don’t worry about this improved search function overcrowding your results screen—the search only returns the result you are looking for, not all instances of the employees given name and preferred name.  

Access this function from the home screen and the employee area of BerniePortal.  


Payment Details Updates

Updated ACH payment information entry methods aim to improve your setup experience with BerniePortal. Employers can now enter and update their payment information directly in the platform, so there is no need to worry about reaching out to your BerniePortal team to change ACH payment details.   

When you purchase Alpine Services or additional HR features like payroll, you will be prompted to enter ACH payment information with an email reminder. The To Do list now also reminds employees setting up BerniePortal how and when to enter ACH payment details, making the process of adopting an HRIS easier than ever before.   



Why Choose BerniePortal?

BerniePortal is a robust, all-in-one HRIS designed to streamline your HR needs. By keeping all of your desired tools in one platform, adding features and enjoying our newest developments is easier than ever. Our comprehensive software is top-rated and tailored to your specific HR needs—request a demo today to improve how you can serve your organization and employees.  


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Additional Resources

You can stay informed, educated, and up-to-date with important HR topics using BerniePortal’s comprehensive resources:

  • BernieU—free online HR courses, approved for SHRM and HRCI recertification credits
  • BerniePortal Blog—a one-stop shop for HR industry news
  • HR Glossary—featuring the most common HR terms, acronyms, and compliance
  • HR Guides—essential pillars, covering an extensive list of comprehensive HR topics
  • HR Party of One—our popular YouTube series and podcast, covering emerging HR trends and enduring HR topics

BerniePortal Feature Lookbook

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