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Efficient, Error-Free Paydays with BerniePortal’s Payroll

Efficient, Error-Free Paydays with BerniePortal’s Payroll

There are many moving pieces when it comes to payday. From managing employee hours, PTO, and deductions to ensuring your organization is withholding the correct taxes from each paycheck—running payroll can be time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Many organizations are moving their payroll onto HRIS platforms for a more seamless process, making spreadsheets a thing of the past. Here’s how the Payroll feature of BerniePortal creates an efficient and error-free payday.



How the BerniePortal Payroll Feature Creates an Error-Free Payday

It’s no secret that HR professionals have a lot on their plates and often wear multiple hats within an organization. And when there’s an error in an employee’s paycheck, you’re usually the first to hear about it. The Payroll feature of BerniePortal is an HR-approved solution that allows organizations to speed up their payroll process without sacrificing accuracy.

The Payroll feature eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets with multiple software providers by automatically populating data from its sister features. Each payroll run can be reviewed instantly, allowing any adjustments to PTO, deductions, or earnings in real time. 

With IRS regulations come a lot of pressure to ensure accurate tax withholdings. The Payroll feature of BerniePortal handles all withholdings on the backend so your organization can feel confident you are remaining compliant. Employees can review each paystub from their BerniePortal account to ensure accuracy.

With payroll operations, urgent and sometimes unexpected roadblocks arise. Our BerniePortal team is staffed with payroll experts to serve your organization anytime. Equipped with a long list of resources from our robust Knowledge Base to our popular YouTube series HR Party of One to a dedicated support team long after implementation ends, your organization can rely on BerniePortal as your payroll provider.


Highlights of the Payroll feature of BerniePortal

Populated Accurate Data

The Payroll feature seamlessly populates employee data from BerniePortal for more accurate paydays. HR teams can rest easy knowing an employee’s benefit deductions, time and attendance, and PTO days will auto-populate every pay period.


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Real-Time Edits

Each payroll run looks different. BerniePortal allows your organization to make real-time edits before submitting each pay run. Earning adjustments can be added if your organization offers additional earning types, such as parking stipends or signing bonuses. Additionally, any PTO and overtime hour adjustments can be made within the feature. 




Tax Compliance

When running payroll, it’s crucial to remain compliant with tax regulations. BerniePortal withholds the appropriate amount of taxes each payroll run based on employees’ W-4s, which are also housed within BerniePortal.


Payroll On Your Time

With a lot on your plate comes less free time. The Payroll feature allows you to pay your employees on your time. Every time a payroll run starts, the software automatically saves your progress so you can exit and revisit it if needed. Additionally, we offer unlimited pay runs including one-offs. 


Customizable Subgroups and Settings

Not every paycheck looks the same—and neither does every employer’s payroll setup. The Payroll feature of BerniePortal is entirely customizable and allows administrators to create subgroups of employees with different pay schedules or multiple EINs. Custom earning and deduction types can be added on a pre- or post-tax basis. 



Employee Transparency

BerniePortal is entirely self-service for your employees. For further transparency and accuracy, employees can view their pay stubs directly from their BerniePortal account—freeing up HR’s inbox.


Paystub Rework V2@1x

Dedicated Support

Your organization can feel confident on payday with a designated BerniePortal support team of payroll experts. We recognize the importance of timely and accurate payroll, and from the moment implementation starts, BerniePortal is here to help.


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Payroll as Part of a Robust, All-in-One HRIS

Each feature of BerniePortal works in harmony with the others, solving unique problems HR professionals face daily. BerniePortal Payroll allows small to midsize organizations to pay their employees quickly and accurately without the spreadsheets. 

From the minute an individual enters the employee lifecycle with Applicant Tracking, moves into Onboarding with your organization, and starts clocking hours, BerniePortal ensures a smooth process for each step. 

BerniePortal allows HR pros to focus on more strategic roles and empowers employers to spend less time on administration—and more time building the businesses they love. Request a demo of BerniePortal today!


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Additional Resources

You can stay informed, educated, and up-to-date with important HR topics using BerniePortal’s comprehensive resources:

  • BerniePortal Blog—a one-stop-shop for HR industry news
  • HR Glossary—featuring the most common HR terms, acronyms, and compliance
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