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Design a candidate screening to match the job


Recruiting talent is a time-consuming task. We all know there’s no time to talk to every individual who submits an application. If you get 250 applicants for a job posting, perhaps only 10 of those will make it to the interview stage. If you want to whittle down your resumes you need to focus on screening out. 


Screening out


The first step of the hiring process starts with a job analysis. Doing the legwork to analyze the job you’re hiring for provides a certain set of requirements you’re not willing to live without as an employer. Maybe you’re hiring someone that has to travel on the job and you need to see a clean driving record, or maybe you’re hiring for a teacher and you aren’t settling for anyone without their Master’s degree. This is also where you need to consider factors such as salary expectations, or location. If you have $75,000 marked for your new hire and the applicant suggests they are looking for at least 6 figures, you’ve just screened out a candidate. If you have an applicant that looks good on paper but lives 3 hours away, there goes another. 


Screening in


The screening out process eliminated the applicants that didn’t meet requirements for the job you’re looking to fill. Screening in candidates takes the opposite approach. During your job analysis, you may have noticed that the role you’re looking to fill yields 10-15 essential skills. While it’s unlikely that you’ll find a candidate to check off each item on the desired skill set, someone who covers most of the bases will likely be your strong contender. It’s probably a safe bet to screen out the candidates that come up short in the essential skills analysis.


Fortunately, the most effective way to identify potential is also the easiest. You’ve probably already collected data early in the hiring process, so focus on screening your candidates.


It’s important to take proactive steps during the recruitment process. Download our Hiring Checklist to learn how to secure top candidates!


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